Professional Track » [67]Its proximity to Shackleton Crater (116 km, or 69

[67]Its proximity to Shackleton Crater (116 km, or 69

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Hydrogen fuel cells would be ideal for this purpose, since the hydrogen needed could be sourced locally using the Moon polar water and surplus solar power.Moreover, due to the Moon uneven surface some sites have nearly continuous sunlight. For example, Malapert mountain, located near the Shackleton crater at the Lunar south pole, offers several advantages as a site:It is exposed to the Sun most of the time (see Peak of Eternal Light); two closely spaced arrays of solar panels would receive nearly continuous power.[67]Its proximity to Shackleton Crater (116 km, or 69.8 mi) means that it could provide power and communications to the crater. This crater is potentially valuable for astronomical observation.

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