Professional Track » A minimum wage that is livable for every job is a perfectly

A minimum wage that is livable for every job is a perfectly

Burkhead was hurt most of season, but even before wasn nearly on Sony level. Only 3.3 ypc this season, 3.2 ypc in 21 carries so far in postseason. Only one game all season he had more than 3.7 ypc. If 320 million Americans have the skills to serve food at sonic, chances are, wages aren going to be very high.If only very few people have the skills to be a heart surgeon, chances are they will be compensated handsomely.If people are willing to work for a wage, it high enough.And yes, as a taxpayer and member of society, we are all responsible for our society. For example, in terms of universal healthcare (or medicaid in the USA), many people are not sick, but we are all paying for those who are. A minimum wage that is livable for every job is a perfectly reasonable solution.

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