Professional Track » All I asking for is one case a person cannot get an absentee

All I asking for is one case a person cannot get an absentee

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canada goose black friday sale The only way I could even conceive is a severe lack of intelligence where a person doesn know how/where/why to vote, but even then that statistically couldn be as common as to require ballot harvesting.Unfortunately there probably won be many studies on the effects of ballot harvesting for a while, but I don think we actually have that many people who are unable to get an absentee ballot.sieabah 1 point submitted 1 day agoYou missed the point of my message which is that a family members or caregiver delivering the ballot should be fine. It the arbitrary people who deliver ballots I have an issue with. If you want to pick and choose specific sentences entirely to strawman this argument then I don think we going to make progress anyway.I sorry I don have time to read through all of the studies you provided, but you already have so you could probably reference the section I looking for faster than I could find it.All I asking for is one case a person cannot get an absentee ballot that isn because of ignorance, like waiting until the day of the polls to get one.Synaps4 1 point submitted 1 day agoI spend some time understanding what you saying but you missed the point of my message as well, and I like you to do the same.The studies I linked talk about the likelihood of fake ballots, and conclude that they are very rare canada goose black friday sale.

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