The Mobile BTS or the ‘Cell-on-Wheels’, COW in short, developed by Professional Track LLC is Mobile Cellular Transmission System, mounted on a Truck Chassis or Trailer. The telescopic antenna tower is installed on a truck platform, and can be lifted, extended and positioned at desired location. It can be retracted, folded, turned even and transported.


Designed to be mobile the tower is properly reinforced to withstand vagaries during transit, erection and deployment. Special aluminum alloy material is used with carbon steel reinforcements. When installed, steel guys holding on to rigged extension arms mounted on the platform, support the tower. Additional guys are secured to the ground to arrest sway at higher wind loads up to 160 km/hr. For retraction and installation electrical winching systems are provided. The tower mounted on a strong steel pedestal is bolted and welded to the platform frame. The locking and clamping systems ensure that the tower is anchored rigidly and firmly in perfectly vertical position. Tower at the top carries an aluminum alloy pipe for fixing antennas.


COW incorporates an insulated shelter for housing the BTS and batteries, a diesel-generator set, a precision type air-conditioner, RF and MW cable winding and holder drum, counter-weights for stability, special winches to wind up and pre-load the steel guys, a jacking system to level platform and lift the vehicle chassis for ‘wheel-free’ support, rooted to ground while deployed.


  • Rapid Roll – out
  • Coverage of special events
  • Emergent last minute deployment
  • Stand – by for maintenance
  • Test Marketing in virgin areas
  • Optional where permanent installation is not feasible
  • Easy retreat and redeployment

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