Rooftop/Roof Mount Telecom Tower is installed on building to reduce the tower height and cost accordingly. It has flexible structure and installation to meet different requirements such as rooftop poles, rooftop guyed masts and rooftop lattice towers etc. Moreover, non-penetrating tower is especially designed for the sites without permission of any damage to ceiling.

Technical Features

  • Comply with American TIA standard for antenna supporting structures
  • Height from 2m ~ 24m
  • Applicable for countries and regions with wind speed less than 180kph


  • Diversification design
    Designed as per various antenna loadings and rooftop bearing capacities.
  • Knock-down connection design
    Designed with knock-down connection for members in order to make transportation and installation much easier.
  • Flexible installation design
    Rooftop Pole can be installed on rooftop, inside wall and outside wall according to site condition.
    For non-penetrating tower, the blocks can be made up of concrete, stones, sands and equipments to be against wind loading as per local condition.
  • Fast deployment design
    Rooftop pole can be installed quickly because of its excellent flexibility.
    Non-penetrating tower can be installed with prefabricated concrete blocks; therefore, the construction period will be saved at least 14 days compared with the traditional tower.
  • Environmental friendly design
    Rooftop pole has tiny effect on building rooftop because of its very small civil work for foundation.
    Non-penetrating tower doesn’t damage the building rooftop because of its special foundation design, base steel structures with concrete blocks.
    All the above are designed to reduce the influence on the rooftop environment.
  • More TCO saving
    The more rooftop towers are utilized, the more TCO of the total network will be saved.
  • Easier site acquisition
    It will be easier to obtain rooftop sites because the non-penetrating towers are constructed without any damage to the rooftop coverings and surrounding environment.
  • Easier site relocation
    It will be easier to transfer non-penetrating tower from one site to another for reuse.

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