Among the several dimensions of the Professional Track’s service offerings, Professional Track’s management recognizes the significance of prompt troubleshooting and preventive maintenance solution and providing full length maintenance in areas of generator maintenance, air-conditioner maintenance, electrical maintenance, office maintenance and complete power management of Telecom Towers etc. to the different Mobile Communication Service providers of Afghanistan.

Tower Site Maintenance

Professional Track  has  flair  of  in-house  maintenance  expertise  and  owns  number  of telecom  towers in Afghanistan’s Telecom  region.  These  tower  sites  are meticulously maintained on regular basis and same high quality maintenance services is also  provided  to  prominent  telecom  players.  Hence, by offering  advance  and  ever-growing  maintenance services,  PT  provides  an  opportunity  to  wireless carriers  to devote their human and capital resources for development and management of their core business.

Equipments’ Maintenance

The  most  important  feature  of  the  whole  service  is  to  provide  instant  maintenance solutions to

a.  Air-Conditioners

b.  Generators

c.   UPS and Battery Banks

The entire method of equipment maintenance solution covers almost all areas of service like troubleshooting, inspection, correction  and  regular  follow-ups of Generators, UPS  and  Air-Conditioners along with auxiliary items.

Premises Maintenance

Professional Track makes certain smooth supply to all pre-requisites to build a pleasing environment for cell towers sites, from electrical and civil to general maintenance. The service range includes false ceiling, leakage or seepage control, fire alarm systems, general maintenance and complete electrical maintenance service, fascia/signage maintenance of the Tower Sites.