shetlerProfessional Track provides high quality shelters that are specially designed to house telecom equipment and are adapted for fast-deployment and pre-equipped delivery in order to accelerate installation and minimize costs.

Shelters are suitable for rooftop installation as well as for green fields with a minimum of civil work and offer a wide variety of options to customize electrical systems, grounding, cabling, cooling, smokes and fire detection, access control and other features.

Shelters are lightweight, self-supporting, with metal sandwich construction and are extremely robust, corrosion resistant and are water and dust proof. The generic specifications match the most common and even special requirements of customers around the globe.

Shelters are mainly equipped with:

  • Electrical Distribution System.
  • Fire Alarm and fire protection system.
  • Lighting.
  • Cable ladders for telecom and power cables.
  • Earth bus bars ready for connection to customer’s electrical system.
  • Air-conditioning systems.


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