Micro Wave Links Design & Installation

installationProfessional Track has extensive experience in microwave network design and installation including Microwave links, Microwave Antenna, Microwave Equipment and Microwave Communication. PT is highly skilled in Installation and Commissioning of microwave Links including SDH and PDH.

Professional Track’s wide range of microwave services includes microwave Network Planning, microwave Network Design and microwave Network Deployment & Implementation. PT’s professional teams are experts in turnkey microwave project and all our installers, riggers, and commissioners are highly experienced and efficient at completing microwave projects on schedule. Our microwave Engineering and Design Services offer a one-stop shop from planning and design including Network Architecture, Capacity, Hardware Redundancy and Performance Reliability; with microwave links engineering through ordering equipment, implementation, testing, project management, execution and maintenance.

installation1Professional Track offers flexible solutions with rapid microwave deployment for challenging sites with sensitive security needs. Our microwave network solutions offer critical advantages such as being less prone to damage or impairment, offering cost-effective long distance microwave links across rough terrains, single point installation and convenient maintenance.

Professional Track is proud to be associated with global leading vendors around the world such as Ericsson, Alcatel Lucent, Nortel and NSMN.

Scope of works:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check in near end and far end besides ensuring the site permissions
  • Material reception at both ends and checking as per packing list and intimate the customer in case of exigency
  • Assembling and hoisting of MW antennas & radios on tower in both ends as per TND/RND
  • Clamping and routing of if cables from Shelter to Antennae in both ends
  • Grounding the antennas and RF cables at appropriate place
  • Fixing Transmission rack if required in both ends
  • Installation & commissioning of IDUs in shelters
  • Alignment of MW antennas till we achieve required receive level
  • Grounding, weather proofing and labeling all cables in both ends
  • Acceptance test