Telecom Towers

imagesProfessional Track LLC provides a wide range of towers facilities for cellular communications, radio, TV stations and microwave links.  Our wide-ranging quality telecom towers are rooted in excellence and based on strong construction, and are suitable for a wide range of challenging applications.

Professional Track LLC focuses in telecommunications installation with self-supporting towers that offer a universal free-standing solution. All of the Telecom Towers meet the most stringentTowers global building and safety standards and include standard microwave antennas, wireless internet, cellular radio antenna platforms, mobile or LPTV antennas, PCS/GSM radio towers and more.

Customers can choose from standard designs or request customized designs to meet their precise telecom implementation needs. Professional Track offers Standard designs to match all customer specifications, as well as all TIA/EIA standards and applicable codes, for quick, simple and cost-efficient installation.

slide Image1As a Telecom Tower service provider, Professional is able to rapidly supply quantities according to customer request from its wide range of standard tower designs. Specified Towers are readily available in diverse sizes from 3 to 140 meters and configurations of 3 legs, 4 legs, monopoles and roof top solutions.  Our intelligent designs maximize ship container space enabling efficient and economical shipping costs.

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1. Self Supporting 4 Legs Angular Tower

2. Self Supporting 3 Legs Angular Tower

    3. Flange Mono-Pole Towers

    4. Slip Joint Mono-Pole Towers

    5. Guyed Tower


    6. Rooftop  Solution